The POP Life Story

POP Life was created and designed when Ebi Rasool used his spare time on a long flight from Johannesburg to Paris in February 2020. His main goal was to create a unique experience for those who would become clients or fans of his brand.


Using his global research of the eCommerce market obtained in Dubai, Paris, London and New York. He and his team managed to get POP Life on the map and become a trusted source of Funko POPs! in South Africa very quickly.

Today POP Life is the only company in Africa to award its customers and followers for subscribing and sharing it's content to Social Media.

POP Life is also one of the first to allow it's clients to view items in their homes, before buying them with a brand new Virtual Reality feature.

POP Life is a Division of The Toys Shack (Pty) LTD. The Toys Shack was founded by Ebi Rasool in 2014 and legally incorporated in 2016. The Toys Shack focuses mainly on the channel solution  sales of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBOX  software. The Toys Shack is also an official donor to the Smile Foundation South Africa.

POP Life utilizes emerging technology to fully understand the needs of its customers and is the only Funko Reseller that rewards it fans with GIVEAWAYS weekly on Instagram and Facebook.

POP Life is the only retailer that has its own Supply Chain Solution - Robotic Express that was created by Ebi Rasool in 2011, which  allows for the seamless flow of the best Funko POPs from our suppliers to us to our clients.